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"Eight Who Wrestled Death" by Ned Gold, Raintree Publishers, ISBN 0-8172-1554-9 -Illustrated entire book, cover and 19 pages.

"Steel Coffin at Forty Fathoms" by James I. Clark, Raintree Publishers, ISBN 0-0172-1567-0 -Illustrated entire book, cover and 18 pages.

"Child of the Wolves" by Elizabeth Hall, A Yearling Book, ISBN #0-440-41321-4 -Illustrated cover only

"Three River Junction" by Saranne D. Burnham, The Nature Conservancy, ISBN #1-56899-441-9 -Illustrated entire book, cover and  26 pages.

"Wanted A Few Bold Riders" by Darice Bailer, Odyssey Smithsonian Institution, ISBN #1-56899-464-8 -Illustrated entire book, cover and  26 pages.

"Summit" by Karen Rispin, Inspiration Romance, ISBN #1-57673-402-1 -Illustrated cover.
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